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Capturing the horse show experience for more than twenty years...

For more than two decades, Natasha (formally known as Nat) has been capturing the horse show experience through dramatic shots, candid moments and impeccable timing of horses. Her work has been featured on the covers of many equine industry publications and her images continue to be published weekly. She has stood in center ring at three major World Grand Championship horse shows, currently serves as the candid shooter for Shane Shiflet at the Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration and has worked with some of the industry's best at major horse shows all across the United States. 

A long time horse lover and former horse owner and amateur trainer, Natasha spent most of her early years drawing horses and working with them both at home and in the show ring. Her uncanny ability to neigh just like a horse to get 'ears up' adds an extra fun twist to the experience she brings to clients who intrust her to create art of their beloved equines.  

Graduating from honors from the National Art Honor Society in 2001, she originally pursued a career in architecture. Shortly after obtaining her first camera, Natasha decided to head out to a small horse show near her hometown and play around in center ring. Not only did she discover the ability to time the horses' action but she also found a new form of expressing her artistic creativity. Her career as a photographer was born. 

Natasha currently serves as the official photographer of the Racking Horse Breeder's Association of America World Championship Horse Show . She travels the country from March to November each year capturing stunning imagery both at the horse shows and on location! 


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