What is your pricing for photos and files ? 

The prices are located under any show proof gallery by clicking on the shopping cart icon. We will soon have a downloadable pricing brochure for both custom and regular horse show pricing. 

Do you offer collages and banners? 

Yes! You can see samples of these in our gallery. We also will have the pricing information available here soon as these are not available on our online price list. Email, text or call us for pricing. 

Do you do farm shoots? 

Absolutely! The best part? There is NO fee! We are booking for 2019. Limited availability. You can email us for more information! 

I want to have an artist paint my photo that I bought. I own it so it's ok, Right? 

Actually, unless you purchase a full res digital file with a release for the copyright, you don't own the image - we do. You have purchased the rights to enjoy the image in it's present form or use that image in a subscription breed publication. In order for an artist to reproduce the image, you must have a release and a fee may also be charged to the artist. Since Nat does artwork as well, we must charge accordingly for this and ensure the image is protected. 

Can I use proofs for Facebook ?

No. Proofs are only for ordering reference and viewing. We offer instant downloads for Facebook that can be downloaded within minutes if you pay with PayPal and you can share legally online. Using a proof with our 'stolen' watermark isn't only illegal but it's considered theft. We do enforce this strictly with our $100 per image policy. Help keep us in business and don't post images until you have purchased the downloads or we have sent you the digital file. 

Why do photos cost so much ?

Professional equine photographers have thousands of dollars invested in addition to many years of training, expertise and long hours in creating top quality imagery. Horse shows do not pay us to be at the event and in some cases will actually charge a fee for us to be there. It is very important we recover expenses and make a living to continue offering the services we do. Our pricing and procedures reflect the cost of doing business and making a profit. We are proud to be one of the best in the horse show world. That type of quality and service cost. We appreciate all of you who support us and purchase photos! 

What is copyright?

The Federal Copyright Act of 1976 made it clear that photographers, as authors, are the copyright owners of their photographic images, except when those images were made as an employee, or when the photographer has conveyed the copyright to another party in a written and signed agreement. Copyright is a legal right to control the copying, reproduction, distribution, derivative use and public display of photographs, and to sue for unauthorized use (infringement). These rights are protected by laws which provide for damages and criminal penalties for companies, processing photo labs, copier companies and the publishers of publications. Copyright in a work is separate from the tangible form of the work-when a photographer sells a copy of a photographic image, he/she retains all rights to the use of that image, and the purchaser owns only the limited rights to display it publicity to family and friends. When a copying or publishing company that you are dealing with tells you they cannot reprint or publish the photograph you own without the photographer’s permission, they really cannot. They are obligated to protect the photographer’s copyright because willful infringement for profit is a criminal offense, and avoiding infringement protects both of you from incurring liability.?

Why all the fuss ?

Most photographers are also concerned about artistic integrity, and control over the reproduction process is necessary in order to insure the highest level of quality. Digital manipulation is another area of concern, and unauthorized changes in an image can lead to truth-in-advertising violations. Professional photographers are selling service, so if questions arise, call your photographer and negotiate an agreement which will satisfy all parties concerned. 


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